.Net Developer Professionals for LA, CA Entity

Thousand Oaks, California, United States


.Net Developer Professionals for LA, CA Entity

Management Applications, Inc., a leading provider of Managed IT Services and Network Design and Implementation is seeking IT Professionals for positions with an entity in Los Angeles, CA. Please submit a resume and salary requirements to be considered. Applicants with government experience are encouraged to apply.


The entity maintains vital data repositories for modeling planning analyses and projections, and for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that support a continuous, comprehensive, and coordinated planning process in areas such as regional transportation, demographic projections, tracking of integrated land use, housing, employment, transportation programs, performance measures, and air quality planning and management.


Available Positions

.NET Developer

Required Qualification

  • A minimum of seven (7) years of web application development experience in C# or VB.NET using MVC on Microsoft SQL Server.
  • At least two (2) years of reporting tools experience in either SAP Crystal Report or Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Good knowledge on HTML5, JQuery, Java Scripts, and CSS files.
  • Good knowledge on responsive design for web applications, native and hybrid mobile application design and development.


Desired Qualification

  • Experience with Telerik DevCraft development tools.
  • Experience with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS).
  • Experience with Ironspeed development platform.
  • Good knowledge on Microsoft SharePoint platform.
  • Good knowledge on native or hybrid mobile application development (HMAD) using Angular UI or Telerik AppBuilder.
  • Certified in MCSD, MCPD or equivalent certification.
  • Experience with Nintex or related workflow products.


Job Responsibilities and Experience Requirements

Professionals must be capable of providing high quality systems design and development, maintenance and support services; project management; business/system analyses; IT quality assurance (QA); and IT maintenance and integration of key systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP); customer relationship management (CRM); enterprise content management (ECM); enterprise geographic information system (EGIS); and Internet and Intranet development and content management system (CMS). Projects will be associated with the following systems and environment:

  1. Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) Enhancement, Maintenance, and Support
  2. Enterprise Geographic Information System Development
  • Inter-Governmental Review (IGR) - GIS program that provides the geographic locations of Projects.
  • Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) - GIS program that supports the geographic locations of the Projects.
  • SCAG Atlas - GIS application that provides an interactive user interface to allow city members to view their regions and submit land use input to entity.
  • Goods Movement - GIS viewer that allows entity planners to view GIS maps related to goods movement data.
  • Regional Active Transportation Database (RATD) - Interactive GIS application that provides Active Transportation planners with region-wide bicycle usage counts and routes. Includes mass data input capability; display of multiple layers of maps; and printing of analysis reports through the application.
  • Regional Population Growth Projection (RPGP) - Interactive GIS application that allows the GIS analysts to demonstrate regional population growth with multiple layers.
  • Sustainability Map - Interactive map component of regional sustainability factors framed in SCAG’s Sustainability microsite.
  • GIS Data Library - Interactive GIS application that allows GIS analysts and planners to view, analyze, print, and download GIS data from entity’s geodatabase.
  • Local Population Projection – GIS application that allows GIS analyst local planners to view and analyze their local population and household projections.
  • California Assembly Bill 2 (AB2) – GIS application that allows GIS analyst to develop, maintain, and enhance data and information to support California Assembly Bill 2 (AB2) CRIA-related planning and decision making process.
  1. Enterprise Geographic Information System Implementation
  2. Planning System Development
  • Local Profiles (LP) - web based application that allows entity planners to prepare and distribute Microsoft word based profiles for all 191 cities and 6 counties every other year.
  • Compass Blue Print (CBP) - web application that allows entity planners to manage and track all Compass Blue Print projects.
  • Regional Affairs Officer (RAO) - web application that allows entity regional affairs staff to manage and track all outside meetings and agenda materials.
  • Inter-Governmental Review (IGR) - web application that allows the IGR Team to review and analyze environment impact review (EIR) documents submitted by local jurisdictions and provide geographical editing capability to display polygon or spots of the projects.
  1. Financial Management Information System (FMIS)
  • Consolidated Budget Development System (CBDS) - project/task based budget development system designed and developed in-house for the Budget and Grants Department to allow project managers prepare for their annual budgets. It facilitates the Budgets and Grants Department to manage and analyze entity’s budgets to request approval from Caltrans.
  • OWP Management System (OMS) - subsystem of CBDS for Project Managers to submit current year’s progress report to Caltrans, entity’s funding administrator.
  • Financial Database System (FDS) - contract-oriented system that collects all consultant contracts information in a database for the Finance Division to manage, share, and analyze. It also retrieves project task information and invoice transactions from other systems to provide a global view to the Finance staff as well as entity Project Managers.
  1. Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Application Maintenance and Support
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP (ERP)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Hyland OnBase Document Management System (ECM)
  • Drupal or other CMS (TBD) for SCAG main website
  • Others, as required
  1. New Applications
  • Agenda Management System
  • Internal Support Tracking & Inventory System
  • New GIS applications
  • Microsoft SharePoint based internal team sites, workflows and Intranet


Job Application Instructions:

To be considered for these positions please submit a resume (2 page max.) as well as minimum salary requirements. Please prominently feature the skills described above within the resume you submit. YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR MINIMUM SALARY REQUIREMENTS. RESUMES WITHOUT MINIMUM SALARY REQUIREMENTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.