Cyber Security Support for USPTO IT Support

Alexandria, Virginia, United States


Cyber Security Support for USPTO IT Support

Management Applications, Inc., a leading provider of Network Management, Design and Implementation is seeking Cyber Security Support for a long-term contract with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


The mission of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is to promote industrial and technical progress and to strengthen the national economy through the administration of laws and regulations related to United States patents and trademarks. USPTO conducts its mission by examining patent and trademark applications, issuing patents and registering trademarks, disseminating patent and trademark information to the public, and encouraging a domestic and international climate in which intellectual property can flourish. The agency is comprised of two major components – the patent organization and the trademark organization. The organizations are supported by business units comprised of engineers, scientists, attorneys, analysts and computer specialists and have a combined workforce that exceeds twelve thousand (12,000) Federal employees and approximately two hundred fifty (250) regional employees.


Personnel must possess excellent communication skills (e.g., excellent written and verbal communication skills acquired via customer service work). Excellent verbal communication skills include the ability to establish a professional rapport with customers; be a good listener and obtain required information; see things from another person’s perspective; express knowledge in a clear, simple manner; explain technical matters to non-technical people; and be able to uphold the interests of the USPTO and convince others by making valid and relevant points in a professional manner. Excellent written communication skills includes ensuring text is accurate and is expressed in clear, straightforward manner.


Personnel must possess administrative and project management skills. The USPTO uses Microsoft Project Professional for all project management needs and Microsoft SharePoint for documentation version control and repository needs. Staff should be skilled with these tools to electronically update project plans and upload documents to our EMS.


Enterprise and Cyber Security Analyst

Is a member of the USPTO CIRT (Computer Incident Response Team) and will perform, and/or direct the performance of the initial actions required to address and or mitigate events and or incidents of security and or operational nature. Provides and maintains situational awareness of all the activities occurring within the USPTO IT Enterprise. Works closely with Cyber Security Investigations team to identify and isolate compromised systems. Works closely with other support groups to perform triage on critical issues affecting USPTO infrastructure.


Senior Enterprise and Cyber Security Analyst

In addition to Enterprise and Cyber Security Analyst, is considered experts in his/her area of expertise and provides guidance, technical solutions, policies to his/her team.


Enterprise and Cyber Security Specialist

Executes projects/tasks assigned by the C3 CWO and the OCIO management team.  Supports the maintenance and administration of all Security devices. Responsible for reporting all US-CERT incidents and ensuring the C3 (CIO Command Center) management receives security incident reports and that the reports are within timelines mandated by the US-CERT reporting instruction.  Provides specialized assistance to EA team members to facilitate troubleshooting of critical issues. Provides expertise with the intrusion detection system to recognize Trojan, virus, and malware analysis. Has a strong ability to discern and resolve breach of computer security.  Identifies security risks, threats and vulnerabilities of networks, systems, applications for new and existing technology initiatives. Knowledge of security concepts, tools, and procedures to react to security incidents.


Senior Enterprise and Cyber Security Specialist

In addition to Enterprise and Cyber Security Specialist, is considered experts in his/her area of expertise and provides guidance, technical solutions, policies to his/her team.


Areas of IT Support for the USPTO:

1. Desktop Deployments and Moves

2. Desktop Field Support

3. Warehouse Operations Support

4. Audio Visual Support

5. Technical Writing / Document Development

6. Test & Evaluation Hardware Support

7. Security Operations & Enterprise Monitoring

8. Release Control Branch Support

9. Network Operations & Maintenance

10. Network Cabling

11. Collaboration Services and Support

12. Authorization & Assessment (A&A)  

13. Remote Site End User Support

14. Electronic Business Center Support

15. Future Requirements


Job Application Instructions:

To be considered for these positions please submit a clear and concise resume (2 pages max.) as well as your minimum salary requirements. We will NOT consider your application without the REQUIRED minimum salary requirements.